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Welcome Middle School Students!

This page contains many of the important links you will use this year. Most important are your teachers’ class and homework blogs and wikis. You can reach them by clicking on your teacher’s picture. We’ve also given you links to some homework helps, including a super fast online dictionary called “definr” that we think you will love. Finally, we have given you the links to the EBSCO databases and tutorials, as well as the databases and catalogs of your local libraries. If you do not see your library listed, drop us a message in the Comment box and we will be sure to add it. You will be able to use all of these resources for research this year as long as you get a library card from your local public library.

To use the EBSCO databases from home, you will need our school’s username and password. Stop by the library to pick that up!

We have also added Science and Current Events pathfinders. Pathfinders are lists of websites you can trust for your Science and Current Events research.

And as always, we want to hear from you, so if you have any ideas about how we can best use this space, be sure to let us know in the Comment box at the bottom of this page!

MS Teacher Websites

To visit your teacher’s website, simply click on his or her picture!

Ms. Brougham Miss Stow Mrs. Filip Miss Pugh
Google NewspapersLibrary of CongressNewselaDK Find Out

CIA World Factbook

CIA World Factbook

Current Events PathfinderScience Pathfinderdefinr

To find “free to use” photos for your projects, just type your topic into the search box.

Homework Helps

New For Science Fairs!

Science Buddies logo

Science Fair Project ideas, answers & tools

More New Stuff!

Elementary OSLIS MLA Citation Maker
EBSCO logo

EBSCO Databases** & Tutorials

Your Local Library Databases**

All of the below databases require a library card from the named library, except as noted ~

Your Local Library Catalogs

You may search any of the below catalogs without a library card, although you will need a card to order books and articles ~

Also check out JerseyClicks Databases

JerseyClicks accepts library cards from any NJ public library and includes History Reference Center, Biography Collection Complete, Contemporary Authors, and more!

**All of the above databases have great educational merit but may contain ideas that are not in agreement with a biblical worldview. Please remember to critically evaluate all material from a Christian perspective.

Tutorial Library

EBSCO’s Middle School Plus tutorial | Jazz Musicians tutorial | Revolutionary War tutorial | Ms. Brougham’s Middle School Science Project | Helen Keller tutorial | Harper Lee assignment | Genetic Engineering tutorial |  Natural Disasters tutorial | Ms. Brougham’s 8th Grade Earth Science Assignment | 8th Grade Website Evaluation tutorial | 8th Grade Plagiarism Tutorial | Darwin’s Finches Tutorial

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