Feb 232012

'Optical Illusion' Wordle
Many of you probably already know about Wordle, those beautiful little word clouds, but did you know you could use Wordle to identify keywords for searching?

Here’s what you do: Once you have found a highly useful article related to the topic you are researching, simply copy and paste the text from that article into the Wordle text box and click Go! You will instantly have a word cloud with the words from the article sized according to how frequently they appear in the text. The largest words are those that appear in the text most often. You can then use those keywords to search for other articles on the same topic.

You can use your keywords to search in EBSCO or any other search vehicle that allows a keyword search. Our Wordle was made from an article about Optical Illusions entitled, “Picking Your Classmate’s Brain: Four Inquiry-Based Experiments about the Human Brain.” We found it in the Academic Search Premier database of EBSCOhostWeb.

Have fun searching!

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