Jun 152013

Hello New York!

Mrs. Anderson's Third Grade

Mrs. Anderson’s Third Grade

Last month, Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd grade collaborated with a 3rd grade in rural Verona, New York on a lesson about animals in China and South America. The two groups sat together and played “guess my animal,” with each class trading clues about animals they had researched and then trying to guess the identity of those animals using Grolier’s Online Encyclopedia. It was a fun lesson that allowed these 3rd graders to make new friends while they developed critical thinking, research, and technology skills—and neither class had to leave home.

Mrs. Anderson’s class was able to do this lesson using Skype in the Classroom, a Web 2.0 application that can connect classrooms around the world. The two 3rd grade classes were able to see each other and chat together through large display monitors connected to a laptop.

Mrs. Anderson’s students are Skype pioneers at TKCS, and they are anxious to participate in more Skype lessons in the future—maybe in Mexico or South Korea!

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