Dec 052011


Some of us have had issues using EBSCO from remote sites, such as our homes. We have just discovered that the reason for this is because EBSCO had two accounts for our school – one for the elementary school and one for the middle school/high school. When we use EBSCO from our school computers we are directed to the elementary account. When we use EBSCO from our homes, we are logging in to the ms/hs account. This has resulted in problems accessing our EBSCO folders since we, in effect, had different folders here at school than at home.

Fortunately, EBSCO tech has resolved the issue, and they will soon merge the two accounts so that we will always access the same EBSCO account and the same folder regardless of where we are doing our research. This will require some action on your part, however. Most importantly, you should take immediate steps to preserve anything that is in your EBSCO folder on the account that you access from home. You can do this by emailing the contents of that folder to yourself or by saving it to your hard drive. The contents of your folder here at school will be safe as that account will continue.

The second thing you should do is stop into the library to pick up a copy of the new login information. And remember, you can also use Library Chat if you ever need help.

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