Oct 142016

WhatWasThereWhatWasThere.com is an innovative program that invites people of all ages to take a walk through history photographically.

The content on  WhatWasThere.com is crowdsourced. Anyone can contribute historical photos to the database by uploading their old photos and placing them at addresses found on Google Maps. The mission of the site’s creator, Enlighten Ventures, is to “weave together a photographic history of the world” for users to explore.

To use the site, simply type in the name of a state, city, or local address and begin examining photos in the collection.

Teachers! WhatWasThere.com encourages historical thinking as students experience the history of places they are studying in a new way–by examining places, people, and events from a complex, multifaceted perspective.

Students can use their iPhones or iPod’s to experience WhatWasThere.com in augmented reality by downloading the iOS app.

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