Mission Statements


TKCS Mission Statement

In partnership with Christian parents, TKCS, a K-12 non-denominational college-preparatory school, equips and strengthens students, through education and example, that they might stand firmly upon the Word of God and become effective servant-leaders who impact the world through their Christian walk.

Library Mission Statement

The library is an integral part of the total educational program of The King’s Christian School, and thus it operates within the framework of the school’s philosophy and objectives to provide resources and services that contribute to the informational, cultural, recreational, and inspirational needs and potentials of the student body and faculty.

The library maintains the school philosophy of nurturing the students in its care. This includes informing the students of those elements of life that are ungodly and harmful to society, while not leading them into those temptations.

We recognize that in order to fulfill the school’s philosophy of nurturing the student body, it is necessary for the library to include in its collection a wide variety of materials, some of which are not written from a Christian perspective and may not be acceptable to every family or appropriate for every age level. In God’s providence much of the contributions to the arts and sciences have come to us through men who have been endowed with innate ability, though not in proper spiritual relationship to their Creator. It is the policy of the school that such works should be considered for judicious use by Christians in the education of their children.

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