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Middle School/High School Library

TKCS Libraries exist to provide curricular materials, research information, and Christian spiritual development resources for TKCS students, staff and parents and to provide instruction in the use of those resources and in general information literacy skills.

The Middle School/High School Library is open from 7:30 a.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday whenever school is in session. The library contains thousands of print and audiovisual items, and is supplemented by more than 20 electronic databases to support the curriculum and research. Computers with internet access are available to students before and after school as well as during study halls and lunch.

Parents, did you know that the Middle School/High School library is available for your use, also? It is the mission of TKCS libraries to serve our entire school family, including you, our parents. We have a wonderful collection of Christian reading materials, including Bible commentaries and concordances as well as some of the latest works of popular Christian authors. Please stop in whenever you are available and we will be happy to show you our collection. And don’t forget to check out this library website and the many interesting resources it contains!

The Elementary Library serves our youngest students, grades Pre-K through 5th. Every class visits the elementary library on a weekly basis. The students learn age-appropriate research methods and are exposed to a variety of genres of literature. Children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade may check out books each week.

TKCS Libraries are supported in part through several fundraising initiatives. Each year, the Elementary Library hosts a Scholastic Book Fair that is open to the entire school. Parents are welcome to participate in decorating and staffing. A webpage is available for the Book Fair several weeks before the event and will be posted on this website.

TKCS Libraries also have a Birthday Book program that accepts donations of books in honor of a special person’s birthday. All books accepted for donation under this program will carry a dedication plate inside the front cover with the names of the donor along with a special message to the person being honored. There is a Wish List for both the elementary and MS/HS libraries.

Access the Elementary Wish List here.

Access the MS/HS Wish List here.

All donated books should be in hardback format and in new or like new condition. We hope you will consider participating in this special way of celebrating your student’s birthday!  

if you are visiting this library website for the first time, please read this short overview so that you will be able to navigate it easily.

First, you will find two main navigation bars at the top of the website. One is above the school logo and the other is below it. As you navigate through the site, you will also see other page menus in the sidebars and/or the footer area. We’ve tried to put page menus in as many locations as possible so that you can easily get to the information you need. We’ve also included a separate page with a site map in case you get lost. And if you want to get back to the Home page from anywhere in the site, simply click on the site title, The King’s Christian School Libraries, in the header area and you will immediately be taken back there. (Did you know that if you click on the title or logo of most any web site, you will be taken back to its homepage?)

Next, even though our middle school and high school libraries are combined, this site offers pages for each of those schools with resources just for them. The elementary school has its own webpage hosted by our elementary librarian, Mrs. Richmond! There is also a page for Faculty/Staff and pages that are meant for everyone, such as the Gallery which showcases the work of students and staff, What I’m Reading which highlights new books, a How to that contains tutorials on topics of interest, and Peer Tutoring where students can request extra help from qualified student tutors.

TKCS Libraries also offers live reference services via Library Chat via Zopim. You will find the Zopim chat box at the bottom of each page of this website. It is easy to use. Simply click on the chat box, type your message in the red-outlined chat box and press Enter. There is no need to register. If Zopim indicates that we are offline, you may still leave a message in the Zopim chatbox, but you will need to leave an email address where we can send an answer.

Finally, we see this web site as belonging to all of us here at Kings, so we would love to hear your suggestions and to have your input in as many areas as possible. Here are a few:

  • We would love to have a news blog that carries the latest goings-on of our school family. Please feel free to contribute news items using the Comment box at the bottom of the page.
  • Have you read a great book you think our students might enjoy? You can use the Comment box to tell us about it. We will share it on the What I’m Reading page if you provide a short review, and we will add it to our Books to Buy list.
  • Do you have a piece of creative writing, photographs or digital artwork you would like to share? Let us know about it in the Comment box and we will post it in the Gallery.
  • Do you have a question about the library, the school, or upcoming events? Chances are others have the same question, so ask your questions using the Comment box. We will get you answers as quickly as possible and post them on the How To or our Blog.

As you can see, the Comment box is your direct 24/7 access to us. Please note that you must provide your name and email in order to comment and that all comments will be screened before they are posted.

In the meantime, enjoy the below Help Desk tutorial. It has taught us a lot, and we hope it will benefit you, too!

Your Librarians,

Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Scaffidi

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